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May 8 '12

Ninja Troopas!

Ninja Troopas!

Sometimes you just have to take a couple of awesome things, and stuff them into a blender with ink and cotton. The result? A kick-ass t-shirt like this!

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Nov 24 '11

The Don t-shirt

I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse, then the pizza will be mine. - The Don

Buy one today!

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Sep 29 '11

Ninja Emblem!

Sweet ninja turtle emblem by Danilo Laynes, vote away! check it out here.

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Sep 14 '11

Damn that Mario, turtle killer.

If I was a turtle, I wouldn’t like Mario either. Up for voting, check it out.

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Sep 12 '11

New eye candy up for voting!

A few designs worth checking out! Vote away!

Toon Fighters!

It’s a lie!

Keep Calm and Fight Zombies!

Minimalistic Mega Man!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Artists!

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