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Dec 21 '12

Mushroom Kingdom End Times

Well, we’re still alive. The world didn’t end on December 21, 2012. Now that all the fun and fear is over, we thought it only fitting to consider how the end times may have occurred, in the Mushroom Kingdom!

End Times in the Mushroom Kingdom

Don’t forget you have until the end of December 21, 2012 to save 12%. Use the promo code 212012 when you check-out.

End Times in the Mushroom Kingdom

The artist who put this shirt design together also sent us a cool video of the coloring process, which you can check out here!

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Oct 5 '12

Zombie’s Classics, pre-order for only $15

Our good friend over at Winter Artwork hooked us up with a trio of brain feasting zombie designs based on classic video game characters!

We’re starting to put the ink to cotton on these prints and couldn’t wait to get them out for your t-shirt purchasing pleasure. We’ll be printing and shipping these shirts within the next few weeks to make sure you can get your hands on them in time for Halloween. We’re letting them go for $15 each if you place a pre-order!

Get’em cheap while you can, the price will be jumping up to $19.95 once the pre-order period has ended.

Zombie Man!

After the apocalypse, with verbal slurs and a general lack of motor skills, Zombie Man has switched sides and requested that Mr. Wiley provide a new arm prototype, intentionally crafted for brain removal.

Zombie's Dream Land!

Kirby has always sucked, but this evil variation is sucking on a new kind of nutrition, the one that stores your memories. Sweet dreams.

The Legend of Zombie

What does Link enjoy more than an ice cold glass of milk and some delicious cookies? Hearts and brains of course, as he seems to have fallen ill with a zombie infection!

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May 8 '12

Ninja Troopas!

Ninja Troopas!

Sometimes you just have to take a couple of awesome things, and stuff them into a blender with ink and cotton. The result? A kick-ass t-shirt like this!

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Jan 18 '12

Ye Olde Dinosaur Land, Tees and Posters

Dinosaur Land

Can you traverse the dangerous terrain of Dinosaur Land, to rescue the princess? This new t-shirt designed by Glen Brogan is now available, digitally printed on super-soft ring spun cotton. Grab one today.

Dinosaur Land

If you have too many t-shirts, we also have an 18” x 24” poster you can use to dress up your games room! It’s Available here.

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Jan 3 '12

Ye Old Mario World

Great new design from Glen Brogan, Ye Old Mario World! Now up for voting!

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Nov 8 '11

There’s a Metroid on your head!

Metroid Beanie
Everyone wants a Metroid on their head and now your dreams can be reality. Check out this amazing Minimalistic Metroid Beanie by Destructoid.com Buy now, and pray for a true peace in space.

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Nov 2 '11

Pumpkins for Geeks and Gamers

Halloween has come and gone so you’re either running to the dentist to have your teeth checked, or just running to burn off excess calories. Either way, it was worth it.

We had another great turnout for our annual pumpkin carving contest, you can check out the submissions and finalists below. If you’re in the top 3 we will contact you directly to dish out the prizes! If you were a participant, store credits have already been applied to your account. Thanks to everyone who participated, it was a blast. Trying to choose three winners is always a difficult process, but the decisions have been made!

We have a few contest ideas for the upcoming holiday season, so stay tuned. We’ll see how creative you can get with a different medium! Now on to the results…

Grand Prize Winner!

This was a great submission for a great game, featuring a Hydralisk on the front and Zerg Rush caption illuminated in the background from being carved out of the back of the pumpkin. Great work!


Lots of laughs on this one. This pumpkin depicts the exploding sheep easter egg from Warcraft III, which you can see here. (also great use of background lighting effects!)

2nd Runner-up!

And of course, for our final finalist, the final boss from Metroid 3, Aurora unit 313!

All the other amazing entries!

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Sep 13 '11

Metroid Minimalism

Get one step closer to Samus in her Zero Suit with this awesome minimalistic Metroid t-shirt by Destructoid.com. Now available for pre-orders, ships in a few weeks!

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Jul 13 '11

Gamer Sets…Lowest…Super Mario Bros. Score Of All Time…?

Every few weeks, a new speed run of a classic game will surface, get a few thousand hits in the swirling web-video atmosphere, and be knocked back into the oblivion of internet mediocrity, from whence it surfaced. We say “dayum, someone has some time on their hands.”

(Source: joystickdivision.com)

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Jun 23 '11

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Review.

Tags: GameTrailers.com, Review, PC Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

(Source: Gametrailers)

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