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May 31 '12

Satellites and pixels!


Greetings from the Satellite of Love! This is a new design from Glen Brogan for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000, printed in a vintage style. Buy now, before you’re SOL! Pixel Fighter!

Here comes a new challenger, twelve of them in fact, with a little less muscle tone and definition, but they still kick ass. Grab a pixel fighter t-shirt today!

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Nov 24 '11

This is how you make a fireball.

All the information you need to send a fireball hurling from the palms of your hands. Buy one today!

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Aug 19 '11

Bison is a Bison!

Street Fighter inspired Bison shirt by Destructoid.com Check it out..

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Jul 22 '11

Street Fighter X Tekken Characters in Action.

(Source: destructoid.com)

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May 31 '11

Split Reason and Evil Geniuses

At Split Reason, we play a lot of video games. Evil Geniuses are North America’s premier professional gaming team and one of the world’s top eSports brands, so of course, they play a lot of video games. The difference? We suck and they are awesome.

Aside from supporting professional gamers and producing Evil Geniuses Team Jersey’s to help these guys look sharp, what we’re really after is tips, tricks, codes, strats, and professional gaming secrets to help us avoid the humiliation we often feel logging into some of the most popular and competitive online games. Will their assistance help us pwn noobs? Probably not, but as long as we get to play more games, print more shirts, and watch them continue to kick-ass on the eSports circuit, we’ll get by.

If you aren’t familiar with Evil Geniuses jump over to their website and check them out. They have plenty of information related to professional gaming news and events, and yes, videos. Videos with lots of headshots.

You can also pre-order their Team Jersey. You’ll feel like a pro, and help support professional gamers! It’s a win, just like EG does, at pretty much every major event.

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May 15 '11

Win Guile or Snake Eyes!

Here we go with another action figure give-a-way! Be one of two lucky winners to receive either a Guile or Snake Eyes action figure! If you use Twitter you’re eligible to win! Contest Rules To win one of these bad boys, all you need to do is hit our twitter page, find the tweet announcing this contest, and then re-tweet that sucker! We’ll hold a random draw next week on Friday, May 20th. Everyone who re-tweets the contest and follows us on twitter will be entered into the draw. This is a global contest, all regions are eligible! Good luck!

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May 13 '11

Your favorite combo on your favorite clothing!

Not to long ago, in a galaxy not very far away, we gave away some old pins, buttons, badges, flare, or whatever the hell you choose to call it. Everyone seemed to go more or less ballistic over the chance to win free pins, buttons, badges, flare, or whatever the hell you choose to call it, so we decided to come through with some fancy new buttons, pins, badges, or flare for you to stick on your gear.

The pack includes Player 1, Player 2, 4 directional arrows, punch, kick, block, and fire. Now you have 10 arcade buttons to rearrange and relive all those beautiful arcade memories. Crazy huh? They’re available now! Go get’em!

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