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Jul 19 '11

Batman: Arkham City collector’s edition first look.

The contents of the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition was previously revealed thanks to an early listing from Best Buy but no images of what the custom Batman statue from Kotobukiya looked like or any of the other content. Now WB Games and Rocksteady Studios have released the first images of $100 package for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

As previously detailed, the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition includes the following:

  • Custom Batman statue produced by Kotobukiya
  • Collectible art book
  • Early access to the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns skin
  • Batman: Arkham City album from WaterTower Music including original songs by hit artists, available via digital redemption
  • Bonus DC Universe animated original movie, Batman: Gotham Knight
You can check out close-up images of the contents of the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition in our slideshow gallery.

The images are from the Collector’s Edition for the UK. The North American edition may be different.

(Source: examiner.com)

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Jul 12 '11

Furious PC gamer hijacks modernwarfare3.co.uk

An unfortunate customer who purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops on PC has been so incensed by his inability to play the game that he’s taken over modernwarfare3.co.uk, putting up a page that criticizes last year’s hit game and asks sympathetic gamers for money.

(Source: destructoid.com)

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Jul 5 '11

Master Chief: A Visual History of Halo’s Hero

The mysterious, armor-clad hero of the human race is not quite human himself: As part of the Spartan program, Halo’s Master Chief, aka John-117, was genetically engineered and reared by the military to become the xenocidal savior of everything. Master Chief is a hulking pile of future man, with a penchant for one-liners and a steady hand; he could probably blow up the Death Star by driving a Warthog up to the exhaust port and tossing a plasma grenade into it, no “Force” required. We’re not aiming for a comprehensive history of Halo in these pages. Instead, we are here to salute the green and gold guru of the Halo universe in his many costumes, cameos and codpieces. This one’s for the Chief.

(Source: xbox360.ign.com)

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May 20 '11

Gears of War 3 - Campaign Teaser

Alot has been said about the GoW 3 Multiplayer features, but here is a light reminder of the campaign that is to come.

(Source: destructoid.com)

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May 11 '11

New CoD Talk. Project Beachhead?

There has been some talk already about the next release in the Call of Duty series. It appears Activision is going to be implementing paid transactions into the game, which kind of scares me. Project Beachhead is something that Activision has been working on for a couple of years now that is supposed to bring online gaming together. I hope this means cross platform online gaming. That would be pretty awesome, but if this is another paid service, i’m not sure if I would be on board.

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